Preliminary Haecksen miniconf schedule announced

The first round of talks have been confirmed for the Haecksen miniconf at 2013. The current talks are:

10:40: Skye Croeser: Feminism, anarchism and FOSS
11:05: Denise Paolucci: overcoming impostor syndrome
11:30: break
11:40: unannounced
12:05: Joh Pirie-Clark Security
12:30: lunch
1:20: Kathy Reid Less flack, moar hack!
1:45: Fee Plumley: Open Source Cities
2:10: break
2:20: Ruth Ellison: Recipe for making geek jewellery
2:45: Katie Miller Educating Girls about FOSS
3:00: afternoon tea
3:40: Jacinta Richardson : writing a good abstract/getting your talk accepted at a conference
4:05: Danielle Madeley: py.test and Selenium for testing web pages
4:30: unannounced

There are two talks unannounced. Any queries should be sent to

Anyone interested in attending needs to register for LCA 2013 if they haven't already. LCA 2013 is likely to sell out quite shortly, so be sure to register in advance of the event.