Linux Australia Survey: win a ticket to 2011!

The Linux Australia Council launched a Membership Survey on 11 May, 2010. Linux Australia is the peak body for Linux User Groups (LUGs) around Australia, and as such represents approximately 5000 Australian Linux users and developers. Linux Australia supports open source and open standards widely through a number of schemes and community activities such as the grants programme and Software Freedom Day.

Everyone is encouraged to complete the survey, even if you are not a Linux Australia member or even a regular Linux user: the survey is open to anyone who's interested in Open Source in Australia, and aims to discover reasons why people are not members among other things.

It's short enough to fill out over a coffee break[1] and the more women that respond[2], the better insight it will give into how the needs of women in Open Source in Australia can be addressed. Besides which, the Linux Australia Council is really interested in getting as many opinions as possible, so please have your say.

Once the survey has concluded, the Linux Australia Council (see for who that comprises) will analyse the responses in aggregate and publish anonymised (collated and reworded where necessary) results. Once results are published, an announcement email with a link to the results will be sent to and anywhere else there's likely to be a large contingent of interested people (such as here).

From the announcement email (

The Survey is designed to ascertain what our members expect from Linux Australia and to explore our focus, potential services, how our membership want to engage with us, and to ascertain our relevance to the Linux and FOSS community.

You can take the survey at:

A lucky survey participant[3] will receive a free hobbyist ticket to 2011 in Brisbane, Australia (

Please feel free to re-post this message on any and all forums you belong to which might have more Aussie/NZ chix lurking on them.

[1] It might have to be a longish coffee break if you fill out all of the free text fields, but if you have the time to do that, your extended comments/rants would be much appreciated.

[2] There is a gender demographic question at the end of the survey, which will allow us to analyse women's responses. There is a 'Not Specified' option if that works better for you. Apologies in advance if these options are too constrained; unfortunately the survey can't be changed now that responses are bring collected, but please feel free to contact the Council with any concerns or complaints.

[3] To have your chance to win that ticket, you will need to supply an email address. However that email address will not ever be made public, and responses will only be analysed in aggregate and never related back to the email address. You're also able to simply not enter your email address if you'd rather not. Again, please contact the Council if you have any concerns.