Free LCA registration for one Haecksen speaker!

Normally, main program speakers but not miniconf speakers get free admission to This year, however, we'll have at least one exception: previous LCA speaker Josh Triplett has received a free Hobbyist ticket but can't come, and has generously donated the ticket to the Haecksen miniconf. The Haecksen committee will give it to one of the miniconf's chosen speakers.

Thank you Josh!

A Hobbyist ticket to normally costs $299 (early bird) or $399 (regular). If you're hoping to speak at the Haecksen miniconf but would find it financially difficult to pay for entry to the conference, please include a note in your abstract as part of your Haecksen miniconf submission and we will select a recipient of the Hobbyist ticket when we select talks. More information about submitting to the Haecksen miniconf is available at the Call for Proposals.

Note: $99 tickets are already available for full-time students.